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Sunday, 06 December 2015 12:19


Sisters at ACYFWe have just been to the ACYF in Adelaide, it was an awesome time had by all. Click here to check out our Facebook posts and pictures. 

PS You can keep up to date with all the MGL happenings via our facebook page as well! 

Sunday, 06 December 2015 11:52

Recent Newsletter - catch all the MGL news!

JudyThe December Sisters Newsletter is out - Click here to check out all the news of the Sisterhood.


KK StClares 160It's very rare to find a class of 20 highschool girls asking their teacher to take them on an excursion to check out where and how the MGL Sisters live!  

When we recently visited a year 9 class, the students asked if we live a normal life in a normal house. We commented by suggesting that they get a group of friends together and come over for a meal to see that our life is very normal. The teacher remarked with what we thought was a throw away comment saying, "maybe we can go to the sisters house for an excursion". 

With animated and excited faces and chatter, the students asked their teacher if this excursion could happen next week! And................................ it happened!

 Twenty year 9 students filed into our house with many questions. After question time, the students had a house tour, followed by lunch (pizza) and a competition in 'designing your own cupcakes'. We then invited the girls to chant morning prayer with us and surprisingly enough they seemed to enjoy it and kept a prayerful atmosphere. We then farwelled the girls with what they called 'the MGL sisters starter pack' consisting of rosary beads, mgl prayer card and how to say the rosary. 

It was an awesome experience and not only did the students enjoy it, but the MGL Sisters loved it and loved having them visit!

Click below on 'read more' to see some photos!

Newsletter for news picDo you want the latest news, events, articles from the MGL Sisters? Click here to get a copy! 

bikeTherese, Julie and Judy spent some time in the Philippines visiting Julie's family and absolutely loved it! We also spent some time doing various outreaches with our Brothers for vocations promotion. The highlight (other than visiting Julie's family) was having the opportunity to stay with families in the slums surrounding the dump site in Manila!

The sisters will visit Sri Lanka in September.

Click here to see some photos from Manila 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 22:17

BlogSpot - My new friend Mary

mary-blog-1Check out our latest blog - My new friend Mary 

Have you ever had the experience of meeting an amazing new person that you just want to tell everyone about? Click here to find the answer! 

Friday, 20 February 2015 19:18

Melanie makes her Perpetual Vows

IMG 90265Melanie Edwards recently made her perpetual vows and what a wonderful celebration it was! Many people came from Melbourne, Wollongong, Sydney and other places near and far.

Mel expressed that her day of vows was like her wedding day. She told the congregation that her groom Jesus is just in love with them as He is with her. She also said that her groom Jesus is just as interseted in them as He is in her.

Mel also shared a story about her 5 year old neice telling her own mother that she couldn't wait to Aunty Mel's 'special day' coz she wanted to see what Jesus looked like. Mel encouraged us all that we too need to become like a little child and ask Jesus to reveal Himself to us.

Click below on 'read more' to see photos of this exciting day!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 01:16

MGL Sisters XT3 Podcast on the "O Antiphons"

Xt3 logoOn December 17th we enter into the final stretch of our Advent preparation. In the 'Prayer of the Church' (Divine Office), at Evening Prayer, before the 'Magnificat', the great "O Antiphons" are sung.

Some people also add these Antiphons/prayers to their Rosary, or recite them before or after Mass or simply use them in their daily prayer in the lead up to Christmas day.

We invite you to use these "O Antiphons" in your prayer and in your preparation.

The MGL Sisters will guide you in a chant, reflection and short hymn everyday till the 23rd, enjoy and please share with your friends.

Monday, 01 December 2014 23:04

This Joyful Life - The Gift of Sisterhood

160Recently, Pope Francis issued a letter for the Year of Consecrated Life. In his message, the Pope underlined the aims of the Year of Consecrated Life, namely to look to the past with gratitude, to live the present with passion and to embrace the future with hope.

MelMelanie has head off to Sydney to take part in a major role in the Youth Leaders Formation Course, which is a course for leaders to grow closer to Christ whilst experiencing comprehensive formation in the faith. 




catholic-outlook-july-2014--catholic-youth-parramatta-storyRosie is enjoying her new role as Assistant Director of Catholic Youth Parramatta, her passion lies in young people taking up the richness of the Catholic faith. Click here for a full article of Rosie's story growing up on the farm and her new role.

Pope Francis and sistersThe MGL Sisters are excited about the news of Pope Francis calling 2015 the 'Year for Consecrated life'. He has called for a special yearlong focus on consecrated life, asking those in consecrated life to "wake up the world" with their testimony of faith, holiness and hope. The Sisters are spending time in prayer seeking the Lord's direction for this wonderful opportunity. 




Saturday, 16 August 2014 11:22

Missionaries on the move

Therese with PNG LadySr Therese leads two teams of young people on the APSE Missions to PNG (Port Moresby & Mount Hagen) and Indonesia (Bali and Maumere).

Click here to see who went and check out what went on! 


pPatti Jo MGL ran a formation/mini retreat day for Mary Immaculate Pastoral council members last Saturday with Fr Bfrendan Kelly SJ. It was a day of knowing the closeness of God as we sought to develop skills in sacred listening so as to discern the Holy Spirit's movement in shaping the parish into the future. A wonderful day, and new friends.

Click here for more photos!

Wednesday, 09 April 2014 23:24

Townsville Mission Trip

 jKate Freeman joins forces with the MGL's (Sisters Therese & Rosie, Fathers Steve & Chris and Brother Baiju) for an awesome 12-day mission trip to Townsville.

The team assisted the one and only Joni McCourt (Indigenous Catholic Council) in running a 4-day Indigenous Youth Retreat on Magnetic Island; visiting and running a session in the Townsville Youth Detention Centre; speaking and rapping (Fr Chris) at 'Theology in the Tavern'; speaking on 'vocations' at a highschool; running the local Indigenous Youth Group; running a day for high-school age youth and speaking and ministering at the Yona Shalom prayer group.

The team also spent some recreation time together which consisted of quad bikes, swimming and tubing! 

We were also in the Diocese at the time of Bishop Michael's passing. May he rest in peace, our prayers and thoughts are with the people of Townsviile. We have greatly loved working alongside Bishop Michael and know that he will be truly missed. 

Click here to see more photos!

Stations of the CrossXT3 has produced a series of Stations of the Cross prayer and reflections by the MGL Sisters. We invite you to use this resource in this Lenten Season for your personal prayer. Each Station is approx 3 min consisting of audio enactment, prayer and meditation. 

 Let your friends know about the online Stations of the Cross by sending them an email or FB them! 


Tuesday, 04 March 2014 03:05

Julie Adlawan makes her Promises

julie smaller3Julie Adlawan makes her Promises within the Missionaries of God's Love Sisters.

For all Julie's friends, family and Community in the Philippines we have made a video for you. We know that you were there in Spirit. God bless you all!



Saturday, 22 February 2014 22:49

2 New Sisters for MGL

Ayanthi and KK150Meet Kathryn from Sydney and Ayanthi from Sri Lanka!

JRecently the MGL Sisters were sponsored to take part in an extreme obstacle course. Check out the photos here to see if they actually made it to the finish line

Monday, 09 December 2013 23:57

MGLs at ACYF - Brown is the new black!

MThe MGL Sisters and Brothers took brown and white to a whole new level at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival. 'Brown is the new black' was the slogan of the MGLs head photo board (see photos) in the MGL INcounter exhibition site. 100's of young people took their photo as an MGL and we certainly reminded them that once you get your photo taken as an MGL you never know what God might do!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 23:45

Open House - Canberra Novitiate

judyThe MGL Sisters had over 100 people check out the new Novitiate House. It was a day of celebration - Gods providence and all the wonderful people that have contributed in so many ways to finally bring the hammers to an end. For months now the Sisters have had painters, builders, workmen, tradies and friends finish off the renovations to make the house a place of welcoming many more new women to join the MGL Sisters.

Thanks to all who have made this possible! 

Click here to see the photos.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013 13:00

Why I became a Nun at 22 - That's Life Magazine

kat 150

Katherine once dreamt of being a hairdresser, but then she found her true calling. "Something sparked inside me, this was my true calling!"




sbs2Journalist Jeanette Francis from SBS2 spent some time with the MGL Sisters. The story explores the lifestyle, spirituality and why and when these young women joined religious life.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 00:16

New Novitiate House in the ACT

sisters on stepsThe MGL Sisters have finally moved into their new Novitiate House! The Sisters, DOJ Community, MGL Spiritual Association, friends and families of the Sisters have spent many years in prayer seeking a Novitiate House. God has wonderfully provided for them a house situated in Kambah, ACT.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 22:01

Newly Elected Leader for MGL Sisters

councilThe MGL Sisters have recently gathered in Canberra for their Convocation which occurs every four years. During the 5 day meeting, the Sisters spent time with one another in prayer, sisterhood, conversation, sharing, decision making and to elect a new leadership team (Council and Leader of Sisters).

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