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The MGL Sisters formation house is situated in Canberra, ACT.  There is also a house of ministry training in Melbourne, Victoria and a mission house in Sydeny, NSW.

The formation process in the Missionaries of God's Love Sisters occurs in a supportive environment of Sisterhood where there is a challenge to grow in loving relationship with the Lord and with each other. We aim to help each other grow toward personal maturity in every way. We focus on the individual needs of each Sister and seek to help her develop in her own individuality, while also learning to be part of a community.

A young Woman interested in the MGL Sisters is invited to a "Come and See".

‘Come and See’ are short weeks held throughout the year, it’s an opportunity to live with the Sisters for 1/2/3 weeks to experience the way of life and spend time in prayer and Sisterhood discerning their vocation.

She may then choose to enter into a time of "active discernment", during which she prayerfully considers the way of life and keeps in regular contact with the Sisters.

She may then enter into a one year pre-novitiate which allows her to discern "from the inside" by living with the Sisters and sharing their life and mission. After this she may be invited to join the novitiate program for a further 2 year period with the discernment to profess initial vows. After being in initial vows for five years a Sister may then be ready to profess perpetual vows.

The Missionaries of God's Love Sisters welcome inquiries from anyone interested seeking more information, and especially from women who feel that they might wish to pursue a vocation with the Missionaries of God's Love.