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Fiona Shanahan

fi fi"Invited? Are you kidding?"
Getting to know Jesus.

After my final year at school I was accepted by St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne to start my nursing career in August. It was during this time that I began to think about my life and where I was going. I felt as though Jesus was standing before me, asking me what path I would choose. I chose to follow Him for the rest of my life. I wanted to be a Christian forever. Then I immediately stated that I did not really know what this meant. "I don't know how to pray, I'm not sure what the Church teaches, and I don't know who to see for help. Lord, teach me!"

Within a short period of time my brother gave me a book on the call to prayer, conversion and repentance. I began to read scripture regularly and pray part of the rosary everyday. During one of these occasions whilst praying the Our Father in my own words, with all my heart repenting and forgiving, I was captivated by the Father's love. I knew I was deeply loved and accepted by someone who knew me from conception and would always care for me and constantly desire for me to be closer. This whole experience strengthened me in my determination to follow Him.

I moved to Melbourne and my nursing education at St Vincent's hospital began. It was a time of hard work, new friends, fun and continual searching for more. I started to go to a Charismatic Mass in East Brunswick because I liked the music and the preaching always challenged me to go deeper in my faith. My prayer life grew from being very active and vocal to being more contemplative. Through this Mass I came into contact with a Catholic Covenant Community called Disciples of Jesus. The more I learned about it the more I felt it was for me. In this community I felt enabled to live the Gospel, receive teaching on the Christian life, and receive support from older people and Christian friends my own age. Soon after joining the Community I participated in a Life in the Spirit Seminar and came to know Jesus in a more personal way as my friend. This relationship deepened over the following.

When you know this is it. Go for it!

As I continued with my nursing I felt a repeated call to live for Jesus alone. I wasn't all that interested, but Jesus was continually inviting me. I could no longer deny a drawing towards God and a deep desire to live this way of love in consecrated life. A very deep joy had been planted in my heart that comes from being in love with God.

In 1992 I joined the Missionaries of God's Love Sisters and embarked upon a time of study, prayer and mission. After making vows I was free to move in mission in running retreats for young people (18-35 years), Life in the Spirit seminars, one to one evangelisation, and encouraging and walking with others on their Christian journey. I have had the privilege of being on mission in Darwin getting to know the aboriginal people while establishing a branch of Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community. I have had the privilige of working in Canberra amongst the people of Narrabundah, bringing the Gospel to the residents of the region as well as those in a local Government flat complex through practical assistance, one to one evangelisation and emotional support.

I now live in Melbourne and am studying theology.

Being a Missionary of God's Love is an incredible privilege to me and I always carry a deep joy inside. It is the joy of being consecrated to Jesus, for the sake of all men and women.

Peace in Christ


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