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Outreach to People Living in Government Housing

sisters grocerydelivery 175One of our most core missions is to care for the poor and marginalised in imitation of Christ.  Often these people are overlooked. We try to bring the love of Jesus to everyone but especially to those who feel marginalised by society and distant from the Church.

For 15 years, the MGL Sisters have been visiting and working in a local government housing complex alongside parishioners and the MGL Brothers. A number of projects have arisen over this time. The aim of these projects is to work with the local people in a sense of solidarity. Some of these projects (co-ordinated by the Sisters) include the establishment of a community room, which encourages the tenants to come together for fellowship and a meal in order to build a community atmosphere. Another major development has been the commencement of a garden project, which enables the tenants to work together in the gardens and maintain them.

Once again the sisters will be regularly door knocking to meet the tenants to encourage them in their life journey and to invite them to regular events such as BBQ’s, morning teas and the ongoing projects.

We believe that is through each person coming to know that they are loved by God that their lives will be transformed.