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Thursday, 19 August 2021 07:06

Songs I Love #4 - Someone's Waiting For You

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COVID became as real as can be when my Dad tested positive recently. God’s gift in this experience was a new bravery and courage, one I never knew I could ever have. The reality of not being able to care for him physically, not being there for my family full-time, and the possibility of death, created a sense of loss and helplessness. But like a fearful little child, I cried out loud to God and stretched my arms, asking him to carry me.

At no fault of his own, Dad could not be present in my life as I was growing up. He had to work overseas for many years. Distance was not new to me, but I remember the anticipation of waiting for him whenever he would come home. As a child listening to this song, Someone’s waiting for you from Disney’s The Rescuers, my little self was assured that ‘Someone’ was out there, even though my parents weren’t. So I would pray and feel brave after listening to it.

When Dad got COVID, God made his presence felt through this song again. In my prayer time, I was moved and reminded that the ‘Someone’ is my Abba Father. My Daddy! In the coming weeks, as my earthly Dad was fighting COVID and recovering, I noticed my Father in heaven at work within me for I was healing too. He illuminated his love and showed how closely he was with me in lieu of my lost time with my Dad. Not surprisingly, our family became present to each other. We showed how closely connected we can still be. We focused on what we had – each other. I felt this invisible thread of calm daily, even though the situation seemed to be falling apart and everything looked messy.

I am unsure when I get to see my Dad in person again, but nowadays I treasure more than ever the value of every moment of connection with him and my family. As we pray in gratitude daily for all essential workers and their bravery, I feel we are also called to encourage ourselves and say, you are brave too! We are braving this pandemic together!

  • Be brave to live a faith and hope-filled life by knowing and seeking God.
  • Be brave to allow the Lord to love you wherever you are at in your journey.
  • Be brave to discover and appreciate the wisdom and graces of the present moment.
  • Be brave to face the losses with God by your side.

The virus is still present, very much out there – but this pandemic experience tells us there is no doubt that God is ever-present too. It is the companionship of the Trinity that highlights a perfect love that casts out all fear and the only love that can sustain us. I pray daily for the grace to always remain in this love.

Despite the uncertainty of this pandemic, let’s be brave to say yes everyday to the certainty of God in this time of unpredictability. Throughout life I know I can only hold all chaos within me by allowing God’s unconditional love to fill my heart. Go on, be brave, little one, God is waiting to love you.

Have a listen through this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMGtnj2NWF8 

Angela Uybarreta