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Friday, 18 June 2021 07:00

Questions for God #2

 2021.35.questions for God 2

In the blog we shared last week, I talked about journaling as a way of prayer after discovering the dictate function on my laptop. Now there are many ways we can journal but last week I shared the idea of asking God a question and listening for his response. If you haven't had the chance to read that, you might want to check it out before you read this one.

The question I asked God is  - what is it time for? – This question had emerged from a previous time of prayer. I'd felt God reminding me of a phrase that had been significant in my discernment journey to join the MGL sisters. the words now is the time had arisen in several contexts, encouraging me to take steps to respond to the loving messages that God was placing on my heart.

Recently, I heard these words again prayer, and that was why I decided to ask God - what is it time 

2021.35.Questions for God 2 REjoicefor? Here are just three of the answers I sensed God speak to me.

  • It's time to discover new parts of your heart that tones and fibres I see, but you don't yet see.
  • It's time to rejoice in the rain - to run, jump and skip like never before.
  • I will drench your arid heart. I will saturate your tired mind. I will pull fresh water over your entire being.

These words of love from God brought incredible comfort. In all of this, what stood out most was the words rejoice in the rain. I began to draw an image, the one you can see above. At first, as I started to draw the coloured rain, it did not look very joyful. I pondered what God was saying to me in this because I had wanted to express colourful, vibrant joy. And I began to realise it was a invitation to see and receive a deep interior gentle joy, a joy beyond big outward experiences.

I believe I'm invited to continue to seek the answer to this question in my life - listening for God's response has definitely had power for me. So even though God's words did not magically appear on my screen as I used the dictate function, I was deeply reminded of his desire to speak into the questions of my heart.

Mel Edwards