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Sunday, 04 April 2021 07:00

Easter Sunday - Resurrecting


Happy Easter – Christ has Risen – Alleluia!

Today is a day of joy, today is a day of hope, today is a day of grace, today is a day of promise, today is a day of love, the greatest and most amazing love that we can ever encounter. Jesus has conquered death, Jesus has risen – and because of this everything is different.

There are so many powerful songs that sing the joy of the resurrection that we celebrate today – so it was difficult to choose one, but I what I like about this one, Resurrecting, is that is powerfully intertwines the gift of the resurrection with an invitation to believe and consider what it means for our own lives.

Resurrecting | Live | Elevation Worship - YouTube

From a crown of thorns to a crown of glory, from one who wore our sin and shame, to one who was clothed in majesty, and from our own fear, to peace – these are the transformations that we hear in this song.

So, taking this grace into our lives, what does it really mean to sing the resurrected king is resurrect ting me? How are we called, invited and challenged to allow ourselves to be drenched in this grace.  How can we really receive and live in the light of this incredible gift?

We get a clue in this song, for we are reminded that His final breath upon the cross, is now alive in me. In this day of joy and celebration – and indeed every day, let’s ask Jesus to help us be aware of his breath of life inside us.

Perhaps this can be a prayer we make every day throughout Eastertide as we climb out of bed.

Jesus, open me to the gift of your breath of life within me this day.


Mel Edwards