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Friday, 02 April 2021 07:00

Good Friday - How can it be?

 2021.18.Good Friday.Main Blog Image

Today is Good Friday, and we continue on this solemn day to reflect and pray through the use of songs. The song chosen today is How can it be? (Lauren Daigle)

 Lauren Daigle - How Can It Be - YouTube

I think that it seems to be a common human experience that pondering the cross draws us into an awareness of our own sin, failings, weakness and brokenness. As difficult as it is though, humbly acknowledging our vulnerability paves the way for the most precious gift to be received. In a sense, by speaking out our sin and failing, by seeking God when we fall, we are emptying our hands so that we can hold something far more life giving – the hand of Jesus.

One of my favourite parts of this song says:

Though I fall, You can make me new

From this death I will rise with You

Oh, the grace reaching out for me, yeah

How can it be?

 It is a tangible expression of the powerful truth that when we fall, Jesus reaches out his hand to bring us to our feet again. Sometimes I like to pray by imagining Jesus’ hand in mine. It brings a profound sense of connection and love, in a way that is almost physically tangible. He shows us that we are not defined by our weakness because it is in our weakness that his strength and power can most beautifully shine.

It does not matter how far we have fallen, what kind of muck we find ourselves in, for the story of the cross is that Jesus still stretches out his arms in love for us. He wants to hold our hand so that we can rise. Jesus does not want us to stay on the ground – his death and resurrection tell us that we can rise again with him – both in the present and in the future.

Just as the song suggests, we can wonder how such a gift of grace could be possible. As we pray today, what strikes me most is that we are invited to say yes to this gift of love with our hearts even if we cannot make sense of it in a rational kind of way with our minds.

You might like to pray today by closing your eyes and imagining Jesus reaching out his hand to you, longing to help you rise from whatever ties you down at this time in your life.

Mel Edwards