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Tuesday, 30 March 2021 07:00

Tuesday of Holy Week - At the Foot of the Cross

 2021.15.Main Blog

During Holy Week, each day our blog will invite you pray with a song as a way of entering into the mystery of what we are celebrating. Before you have a read of the blog, listen to the song and ask Jesus to speak to you through the power of the words.

Today, we pray with At the foot of the Cross, by Fr Rob Galea

At the Foot of The Cross - Fr. Rob Galea - YouTube

One of the most memorable experiences of my life was travelling with the World Youth Day Cross to cities, towns, communities, parishes and schools throughout literally half of Australia in 2008.  Each day for six months in the lead up to the World Youth Day in Sydney, our team assisted at events that had been planned by local organisers who had thought about how they wanted to celebrate and pray with this special symbol of Jesus and his Church. 

While our locations varied widely - scenic outlooks, sites of local significance, schools, halls, beaches, festivals and parks just to name a few – the message that was proclaimed at the foot of the cross was always the same: that no matter who you are or what you are going through, Jesus wants to meet you and transform you.  Wherever we went, our team would encourage the people present to bring whatever they were carrying - be it hurts and woundings, joys and gratitude, worry and stress or delight and hope – to the foot of the cross and to know that Jesus, who experienced all the pain of the crucifixion and the exhilaration of the resurrection, was with them and breathing life into them.  The people present were then invited to venerate the cross, by kissing or touching it (as we normally do at the Good Friday liturgy) and we would often ask them about what happened for them. 

One of the standout responses came from a young woman, who had attended the event under sufferance from her parents and after much disagreement with them, who simply replied that her experience at the foot of the cross had left her with a feeling that “it was going to be okay”.  Somehow, this young woman’s pain, hurt and anguish was caught up in that moment with the pain, hurt and anguish of Jesus of the cross, and in so doing, was also caught up in the life-giving hope of his resurrection.

This song was written by a then-seminarian of the Sandhurst Diocese, Rob Galea, as a reflection on that life-giving encounter that each one of us is invited to at the foot of the cross.  This Holy Week, I wonder what area Jesus wants to transform in you and what will happen when you pray at the foot of his life-giving and love-bearing cross:

So come see, come rest, wherever you are.
Come broken, whole, however you are. He calls your name whoever you are.
There is room for you, at the foot of the cross.

Berna Toohey