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Monday, 29 March 2021 07:00

Monday of Holy Week - Love Ran Red

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During Holy Week, each day our blog will invite you pray with a song as a way of entering into the mystery of what we are celebrating. Before you have a read of the blog, listen to the song and ask Jesus to speak to you through the power of the words.

Today, we pray with Love Ran Red, written by Chris Tomlin.

Chris Tomlin - At The Cross (Love Ran Red) (Lyrics & Chords) - YouTube

Love Ran Red is one of my new favourite songs – and it is a very fitting to pray with as we move through Holy Week. It strongly reminds us of what the cross is all about – love! The chorus poignantly expresses where all the love I’ve ever found, comes like a flood, comes flowing down.

When I think about the love of Jesus, I am often struck by the many qualities of his love – it is saturated with compassion, mercy and tenderness, it is soaked with goodness, hope and beauty, it is full of grace, patience, kindness, gentleness. There is so much love that he abundantly pours upon us.

The cross really is the penultimate expression of love and the gift of this week is to get in touch with this love in a new way, in a deeper way, in a way we never have before. What that means, and what it looks like will be very different for each of us.

Back in early 2008 when the World Youth Day Cross was making its pilgrimage through Australia, I was living in Canberra. I remember being in the church in the middle of the night praying in Adoration in the presence of this cross. As I sat in silence, I felt Jesus whisper to me in my heart, Come Closer, come closer, come and touch my cross that I might touch your heart’.

I believe Jesus was inviting me to take a step forward, to step out in faith so that so that I could experience his love in a new way. For me, moving forward to the front of the church, closer to the cross was an expression of my yes to his love. It was an expression of my desire to surrender my life to him in a deeper way, and to reflect in some small way my response to all he has done for me.

I pray that this song blesses you in your prayer this week as you invite Jesus more deeply into your heart. You might like to ask Jesus which quality of his love he most wants you to experience in a  deeper way at this time. He may even reveal to you how he calls you to respond to his love at this time.

Mel Edwards