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Wednesday, 03 February 2021 07:00

Songs I Love #1 - Love Like This

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This is a new series for our blog. Music and songs can speak to us and nurture us in powerful ways. Every month or so, we will feature one of these posts from one of our sisters, sharing with you a song they love and why and how it has changed them, brought them alive, reached into the depths of their being in a given moment etc etc. The songs will be a whole range – because songs from many genres can become songs that we love!

Today, I kick it off with a reflection on one of my favourite worship songs – Love Like This by Lauren Daigle.

I think the most profound thing about this song is that it is a strong reminder that God meets us no matter what situation we find ourselves in. He comes and fills the gaps, he comes and meets us in our deepest need, he comes and transforms the situations we are in bringing the very thing that we need.

  • God warms us in the cold winters we experience, when the freezing, icy conditions seem to have penetrated our bones, making it difficult for us to move in any way.
  • God is the sunrise faithfully reminding us of his presence after a long night. It is the gift that always comes, even if sometimes not so visible to our eyes because of clouds.
  • God is the river that turns to find us in a hot dry desert. He reminds us that it is not so much about us seeking him, but about him seeking us.

Sometimes we want to hear God in the form of a shout – a loud reminder of his presence and love – but more often than not, he actually comes in a whisper. This song reminds me to ask for the grace to hear this whisper.

I invite you to listen to this song and allow it to minister to you in the depths of your being where God wants to encounter you anew.

Lauren Daigle - Love Like This (Audio) - YouTube

Mel Edwards