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Thursday, 03 December 2020 07:00

Reflecting With Mary #1

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“And he that made me rested in my tabernacle”

Within me he is alive

Within me, and with me.

                Holding me close, holding me near

                Embracing me always, holding me dear

Within me, he breathes life

                For me, and for my flourishing,

                For all those I encounter and their flourishing

Within me, he makes beautiful things

                He uses all of me

                He dwells in all of me

From within me he goes forth, fruit of my womb

                To save, to set free, to give life

                To bear love, joy, peace, patience

                To bear kindness, goodness, gentleness and faithfulness

He made me, yet he rests in the tabernacle of my heart

He made me, yet somehow I hold him.

He made me, yet he dwells inside me.

Come closer, come and hold the baby your life is all about

For thee that made you, rests in your tabernacle.

Mel Edwards

These words from Sirach 24:12 are written on the roof of the Marian chapel in St Francis Church in Melbourne. This poem places them in Mary’s mouth and reflects on their meaning in that way.