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Tuesday, 28 July 2020 07:00

When to wear a mask and when to take it off

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If you live in Melbourne like me, then you are currently in Lockdown 2, with the added requirement to wear a mask whenever you leave your house. I was reflecting on this and it brought a wry smile to my face – not that you could see it because of my mask. Why a smile?  - because perhaps, you, like me, have heard many people say that as we journey in our life with Jesus, it is essential to take off the masks we wear so that we can embrace who God is calling us to be.

But regardless of whether you are currently donning a physical mask of some kind every time you walk out your door, perhaps this mask wearing reflection is worth a read.

So as we move from surgical, cloth or homemade masks to the less physical ones we wear to hide our brokenness, our shame, our hurt and pain and our suffering, I invite you to sit with Jesus and ask him to show you what yours are. Perhaps it is uncomfortable and heavy, and you are aware of wanting to take it off and don’t really know how, or perhaps it has become so comfortable and familiar that you no longer really realise you are wearing it. Whatever the case, removing them can seem impossibly vulnerable but having the courage to do so can only bring greater fullness of life.

So what is the mask you wear?

Are the kind of person who wears a mask of strength, unable to show or share weakness and struggles with others?

Or is your mask one of busyness, that has become a blockage to you attending to the things that are really happening inside of you?

Is your mask humour – do you make situations light and crack jokes to avoid conflict and your true feelings?

Or is your mask a prickly kind of one, that you wear to stop people getting to close to you?

Maybe your mask is one of constant service to others – in place to hide your fear of accepting help yourself.

Whatever it might be, our masks prevent us from living life as fully as God calls us to. So, I encourage you this day to spend some time sitting with Jesus, asking him to show you what your masks are, and to give you what you need to remove them with him.

(By the way, as you remove them, if you walk out your door in Melbourne, make sure you put on a physical mask or face covering first).

Mel Edwards