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Wednesday, 01 January 2020 07:00

2020 Dreaming with God


2020.01.Dreaming with God


There is nothing like New Year’s Day to remind us of the gift of new beginnings. 2020 has begun. It is common for many people at this time to make New Year’s Resolutions, probably because this practice has some value in helping us re-set, take time to reflect on what matters for us, and to consider the path forward in the year to come. When we consider our Christian journey, it makes sense that we would find a way to include God in this, so that we reflect on not only our own hopes and dreams, but God’s hopes and dreams for us. Here are a few ideas to get you stared on that dreaming!

  • If I could look forward to New Year’s Day 2021, what would bring a smile to my face as I look back over 2020? In other words, what would I really like to see happen in my life this year?


  • Is there an invitation for me to grow in my prayer life this year? Am I being invited to try a new way, or make a deeper time commitment?


  • How am I being invited to share my faith with others this year? Am I called to continue in ministry or service I am already committed to, or to take a step into something new?


  • What gifts do I have that I would like to grow in or use in a new way this year?


  • How am I being invited to invest in the important relationships in my life?


  • Are there any habits or negative patterns in my life that I am invited to work against?


  • What is happening in the area of my study/work? Are there new invitations for me to respond to?


  • Are there areas in my life where I have become complacent? How might I allow God to re-energise me?

So find a peaceful place, grab some nice paper, and enjoy your time dreaming with God. When we open our lives to him in this way, we can trust that he will respond to us. Happy 2020- may you know the presence of God in your life in preciously unseen ways.

Mel Edwards