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Monday, 06 January 2020 07:00

Music and my Maker

 2020.02.Music and My Maker.main blog image

Music has always had a great deal of power in my life. It helps me remember things, it changes my mood, and I can’t help singing when a chance comment triggers a song! On retreat a few years ago I was impatiently wondering when I was going to become the holy woman trusting in God that I longed to be. I was sitting on the beach and I felt God speaking to me through the coastline before me, that had been shaped over millions of years. He encouraged me to be patient. And quite easily, a song came forth from my heart with these words in it:

“As a coastline shapes and forms,

at the water’s steady flow,

So my life will deepen, stretch and grow,

as only You can know.

You are my all in all,

You lift me when I fall,

Breathe Your breath into my life

and I will rise at Your call.”

So in my prayer life I try to use music to help me remember prayers, but also to help me express what is in my heart. I’m so grateful for the gift of music, and particularly for those who use their musical talent to help me come closer to God.

Rosie Drum