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Thursday, 31 October 2019 10:18

What does it mean to be EXTRAORDINARY?


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Today marks the end of the Extraordinary Month of Mission – and the MGL Sisters sure have had many adventures with God. There has been the excitement and adventures of The Amazing Race which has been a highlight for sure, not just for Judy and Therese, but for all of us as we have seen the positive impact and opportunities it is opening up for us to encounter more people and share with them the gift of the love of God. I think God’s timing in this show coming out in this Extraordinary Month of Mission is pretty amazing.

But in many ways an important part of this month has also been faithfully stepping out each day in the power of the Spirit, in our regular ministries with young people in the diocese of Parramatta, in the youth justice centre in Melbourne, with RCIA candidates, in the long-stay caravan park in Canberra, with people of all ages in spiritual direction, companioning young women discerning their vocation, preparing to celebrate with the wider church at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival and many other endeavors in which the Lord invites us to share in his mission both here in Ausralia and beyond.

All this calls me to ponder - what does it actually mean to be extraordinary? A few things come to mind….

  1. To be Extraordinary is to step out of your comfort zone wherever God may lead

I think there is no doubt that the Amazing Race called Judy and Therese to step out of their comfort zone – and to do that requires a boldness in faith and a radical trust in the Holy Spirit. But those of us who are not reality show contestants are not exempt – we too are called to step forth into unchartered waters to bear witness to the love of God with our family, friends, bus drivers, shop assistants or anyone else we may encounter. God gives us these opportunities when our eyes are open to see them.

  1. To be Extraordinary is to do the ordinary things in an ‘extra’ kind of way.

There are many different routine things which fill our days. We have a choice in how we engage with them. Do we see them as simply things to be done, or opportunities to serve, love and honor both God and other people?

  1. To be Extraordinary is to imitate Jesus

Whatever path of mission we might be called to, whether it is with young people, marginalized people, our own families, our workplaces or more, we are called to imitate Jesus. And that is no easy thing – but to embody his compassion, mercy, kindness, patience and love is a profound gift we can offer to another person, whoever they may be.

So even though this Extraordinary Month of Mission is over, let’s continue to step forth being extraordinary for the Lord.

Mel Edwards