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Wednesday, 21 August 2019 07:00

Sprinkled With Love - Gifts from Jesus

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Recently when I was praying, I imagined Jesus coming to sit beside me. As we spent time together, he handed me a beautifully wrapped gift and encouraged me to open it, telling me that it was just what he knew I needed most to receive at this time. I carefully opened the ribbon, and then began to slowly remove the paper (opening a present slowly is not the norm for me, but this one seemed to command a new level of reverence).

When I saw what was in the box, a smile of both joy and confusion came to my face, for inside I discovered a large jar of coloured sprinkles. I am not sure what I expected to receive from Jesus, but if there were prizes for guessing, I probably would not have managed to even get close.

I sat, (in my imagination, remember) holding this jar of sprinkles – you know what I mean right, those tiny multicoloured bits of sugar that find their way onto ice-creams, biscuits, and cupcakes – or if you are me, were eaten by the spoonful when I was a child.

I began to ponder whether I was going crazy, or if these sprinkles really did hold a deeper message that Jesus wanted to reveal to me right at that time. Here is the richness of what I felt Jesus reveal to me about the gift of the sprinkles

  • That the sprinkles are a beautiful sign of the many aspects of the love of the Father, and of the many ways that he wants to show this love to me – there is always more of it to receive.
  • That a jar of sprinkles can be shaken, and each time this happens, it will look different as each one moves and finds a new place within the jar – an encouragement to remember to look at my life and the things that happen with fresh eyes and a new perspective – with his eyes.
  • That for me there is something comforting and familiar about sprinkles, they stir childhood memories – a reminder of the gift of my own story and the ways God has always been present with me
  • That the sprinkles have a greater effect when they are all together – a lone sprinkle has limited impact, but when combined with many others, the possibilities become endless. The same is true for me, and I experienced this as an encouragement to build quality relationships with others.

This is only the beginning, but the impact of this simple imaginative prayer and the gift of a jar of sprinkles was greatly encouraging in my journey. The heart-felt insights I received were exactly what I needed at the time.

So, in wanting to pass that encouragement on, I invite you to imagine Jesus handing you a beautifully wrapped gift – what might be inside for you?? (this prayer exercise is based on one of St Ignatius).

Mel Edwards