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Spirit and Fire: On the human journey with the Spirit of Jesus

ImagePatti Jo Crockett MGL has just published a very accessible and eminently readable book. A spiritual director and retreat giver for many years, she is especially interested in helping ordinary people to make space in everyday living to attend to God’s loving presence.

It is about the way in which the Holy Spirit accompanied Jesus on his human journey, and what that can mean for us.

“Once more there will be poured on us
The Spirit from above;
Then shall the wilderness be fertile land… Is 32:15

This book is written for those who have caught the whisper on the wind, who have felt the gentle breeze of the Spirit, who have known the caress of God – and who find themselves hungry and thirsty for more. Whether your experience of the Spirit is the “dew to the flower” of Mechtild of Magdeburg, or the wind and fire of Pentecost, it is the same Spirit of Jesus who invites us to make space and to receive more. Those who feel a strong pull to a contemplative communion in Jesus, and yet the circumstances of life demand the practical engagement of family, work or ministry, could well be encouraged by an in-depth attention to the communion between the Holy Spirit and the human Jesus.

We have not yet plumbed the length and breadth, the height and depth of God’s love poured out for us in the Spirit.”

Copies are available from:
MGL Sisters, 6 Dunstan Street, Balwyn Nth. Vic. 3104.

Cost:      $15 plus postage $2.50

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