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Saturday, 10 August 2019 07:00

God Called Me .... A Story from Rachel

 2019.51.God Called Me Rachel

Like many young women, I had my whole life planned. I had all these dreams to get married  and to have the princess wedding before I turned 25.  Like any princess bride I wanted to meet my Prince Charming, have a large family, and become a successful marketing manager! After high school I completed a marketing degree and I was enjoying the benefits of working for a corporate life insurance company as a Direct Marketing Manager. After some years, I found that working long hours and making good money eventually left me feeling restless and I longed for something greater than my selfish pursuits.

I didn’t know what I was meant to do with my life and decided to go on pilgrimage to World Youth Day, Canada, 2002.  Being on pilgrimage gave me the space and freedom to put aside all the distractions from home. This is when I started to feel Jesus drawing me to spend more time with him in prayer.  Returning from there I began a new job working full-time in youth ministry. There, I fell even more in love with Jesus and realised that this was becoming for me something more than my job (what I did) and more of what I am called to be.

For me, I knew that I had to make contact with my spiritual director who posed the question to me, “Well Rachel, have you asked God what he wants you to do with your life? Have you asked God what is your vocation?”

In taking my discernment more seriously, I committed myself to regular Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and asked Mother Mary’s guidance to have the courage to be open and willing to do the Lord’s will.  I finally realised that the Lord was calling me to an exclusive relationship to him to radically witness to his saving power.  He spoke personally to me the words from the Song of Songs “You are mine and I am yours, I have chosen you and set you apart”.

This surrender led me to strip away from all my attachments - my career, material possessions, fashion, friendships and worldly pursuits for his Kingdom.  In giving myself completely to him, I felt an immersion of the love and the presence of God like I had never felt before.  This gradually led me to discern my call to consecrated life.  I realised after having worked in the marketing industry for some years that I no longer had the same passion and enthusiasm for my career as I once had.  Jesus was calling me into a spousal relationship with him and to his Church.

I see this life as an unexplainable gift – it is all because of God’s grace, which is totally undeserved. In fact, this life has called me to greater humility, purification and a greater understanding of the person of Christ, who has called me to become a woman fully content and fully alive in him.  

Every day I thank God for this incredible gift of consecrated life. There is a deep joy and peace that I have experienced thus far within the Missionaries of God’s Love Sisters. I value having so many opportunities to proclaim to all people the burning love of Jesus for them, especially to the young and the marginalised.

Rachel Fleurant