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Monday, 03 June 2019 06:00

Towards Pentecost 4: Praying in Tongues

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Praying in tongues was the thing about the charismatic renewal that was least attractive to me when I first came across it.  I quickly realised that this “Baptism in the Spirit” mystery offered the personal connection with God that I was looking for, but I still asked whether I could pray for that, without the speaking in tongues bit thanks.  Of course you can, but as soon as I had experienced Jesus’ love for me in a profoundly intimate way, I wanted everything God had to offer.  I then saw this special gift of allowing the Spirit to give you the words to pray, as highly attractive.

After I asked for this gift, it took me a little while to be able to focus on God instead of myself and my own thoughts, so that I was free enough to just let it happen.  Then, when I did start praying in tongues it became a favourite way to pray.  It is like singing without having to know, or even think about words.  It is freeing and God-focused, and helps you move deeper into prayer.  It is a beautiful spiritual experience to pray in tongues with others.  Singing in tongues together has a harmony and unity that would be impossible to orchestrate.

Having said all that, praying in tongues also feels like a very ordinary thing to do.  It feels no more mystical than praying an Our Father.  It is quite unexplainable, but trying to articulate what it is like, makes me appreciate again the quirky, simple and ordinary-extraordinary gift of praying in the language of the Holy Spirit.

Judy Bowe


Holy Spirit Banner for Novena


Novena Prayers – Day 4 – Monday June 3

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful, and enkindle in them the fire of Your love.
Send forth Your Spirit, and they shall be created, and You shall renew the face of the earth.

Daily Mass Readings

Memorial of Charles Lwanga and companions

Acts 19:1-8

Jn 16:29-33

Father, as Pentecost approaches, open my heart to the gift of the Holy Spirit. Help me to also be attentive to the presence of your Holy Spirit already with me so that my connection may be deepened in a personal, life-changing way. AMEN