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Wednesday, 17 April 2019 06:00

An onlooker speaks - What they could not strip him of - Wednesday of Holy Week

 2019.11.An Onlooker speaks.1

Stripped of his clothing, a strife filled path.

Soldiers unable to resist striking, a long walk along a dusty path,

Strikingly, he is peaceful.

Crowds strain to jeer at him, although some watch in horror, stranded by his Father?


Stripped of his clothing, but not his heart, not what matters,

A strategy to humiliate and mock, but does it work?

He is stronger, he bears it with humility and mock, but does it work?

Dirt stained tears stream down his face,

His grace filled presence evokes an atmosphere that is strangely peaceful,

The soldiers are cruel and authoritarian,


Stripped of his clothing, but not of his love.

He came here with a staggering stride,

He is covered with strip like welts that are ever so obvious,

Wails of pain are strewn in the air,

My heart pounds as the very stress of what is before me penetrates my heart

He gazes at me and I experience something like never before,

Stripped of his clothes but not of his love.


Mel Edwards