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Tuesday, 16 April 2019 06:00

Simon Speaks - From Enduring to Embracing - Tuesday of Holy Week

 2019.10.Simon Speaks.1

I only stopped because I had to.

                The procession blocked the road, so I couldn’t go on anyway.

                Such a crowd for a crucifixion was a bit rare, so I tried to see who it was…

                That was when they grabbed me.

                They wanted me to carry His cross.

                I could see why – He was in a pretty bad way…

                At the rate He was going, He definitely wouldn’t make it.

I tried to pretend I didn’t hear,

                but you don’t say no to a soldier.

I had to do it.

                Reluctantly, I moved towards the Man… …and then I caught His eye…

His look was so grateful,

                that I forgot my objections…

                …and gladly took up His cross.

We respond:     

Lord Jesus,

                how often my good works are tainted with reluctance.

                I act because there is no one else,

                or else because my duty urges.

                I forget that an act of kindness to another

                is also an act of kindness to You.

                Teach me to reach out with love, Lord.