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Tuesday, 09 October 2018 10:00

Say What? - With Patti Jo Crockett


Patti Jo MGL

What are three things you want to tell us about yourself?

* I have a very adventurous spirit. - we have pioneers on both sides of our family.

* I worked in PNG as a bush nurse for eight years.

* I love people.

What is one of your favourite way to pray.

For about 16 years I have been writing Icons. There is always a bit of a discernment about which Icon to begin, followed by a listening in to the Spirit and my spirit for the “yes” to spending extended time becoming absorbed into this particular gospel mystery. I especially love doing the ones about Jesus and find myself in a very quiet being in him as the Holy Spirit brings forth the image on the board.


What do you love most about being a sister?

Being consecrated to Jesus with every fibre of my being, and being one of the sisters and sharing the joy of our vocation, with companions for the journey who have heard the same wonderful and mysterious call.

What is the charism of the MGL Sisters?

As charismatic sisters we have a very special relationship with the Holy Spirit and know ourselves consecrated and empowered to explicitly bring the message of God’s love to everyone, especially the young, the marginalised and the unchurched. Right across our lives we have our “God radar” open as we move in friendship with people to enable them to tap into God’s presence with them and help them to draw closer and respond.

What else would you like to say - in 100 words or less?

The fantastic thing about our charism is that is it highly adaptable and creative because it engages people in each location/situation wherever they are at and invites them to a whole new awareness of who they are in God. The practical expression is part of the Spirit’s ingenuity and initiative. Our vocation is a great adventure. It is founded in the cross and bears the wounds of Jesus crucified. But it is the source of an incredible joy. We live in the abundance of God’s love.